Happy October

So here we are - only 68 sleeps until Christmas as the app on my phone reliably informed me this morning. The app installed by my five year old twins - not me!

September and October are definitely my favourite months of the year. September always feels like new beginnings (remember that back to school, new shoes feeling?), and October is, well, the month when all the best people get married! We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this year, I can't believe ten whole years have passed since our magical day, ahh, memories!

If I had it all to do again, I'm pretty sure there's one thing I would change. Can you guess? Yes, of course, the stationery! But I'm not entirely sure what I would have... It would be colourful, and it would be letterpressed, that much I do know. here are some of my favourites from this years archive to get your creative juices flowing:


We've had the priviledge to work on some fabulous weddings this year. Still to come for you lucky lot we'll be focussing on travel themes and a very special wedding with lots of beautiful orchids (Sneak peek of Heather and Joe's lovely invites in 'pretty in pink' above...

That's all for now folks, back to work for me! XOXO Dragonfly