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Be Happy While You're Living.....

party Invitation cover

I’m never one to shy away from a challenge and when good friends of mine decided to celebrate their forthcoming 50th birthdays and 20th wedding anniversary with a major shindig, I was delighted to be asked to help with the invites. My lovely friends own a gorgeous local gallery, showcasing the work of a wide range of local artists, and Jo is a very successful local artist herself. No pressure then. The brief they presented me with was this:

“We’d like it to be like a grave, and on it it says ‘be happy while you’re living’ and then the grave opens and the invite’s inside and it says ‘cos you’re a long time dead’ “ Uh, OK, and um, pretty? “Well, we’d like a skeleton hand coming out of it” …and… “ maybe some crows and seagulls? Oh, yeah, and those orange flowers that are everywhere in Mexico for the Day of the Dead!”

Yes! Bring it on!!

Here’s what I made. My first full on pop-up card, and I love it. And they sent me one too!!! XOXO Dragonfly

Invitation Montage

 Invitation montage

There's a little video available here....

Getting started - Where would you like to go?
Stunning 1920s / race themed celebration...take a closer look!
Let's get social!
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