Creative Freedom with The Wedding Crowd

Shown below: Invitations and papergoods created for the Festival Disco Wedding and the Mexican Folk Wedding shoots - both available to view on The Wedding Crowd right now!


I may not be the biggest fan of social media but sometimes following the trail of tempting white pebbles can lead you in unexpected directions. I came across Ro the Cake Artist – what, you’ve not seen her work? Never mind this blog go and check her out! (@rothecakeartist on all platforms) – anyhoo, I contacted her because, well, I felt a natural affinity with her creative eye. Get me! Did I mention she’s amazing? Hehe! So… it transpired that Roisin had something very exciting bubbling away and over the past year or so I’ve been very lucky to be part of The Wedding Crowd (again – where have you been? I’ll add a link below. For, you know, when you’ve finished reading this?!).


Above: Invitation and table stationery for the Spooky Halloween Wedding shoot

The Wedding Crowd aims to give the contemporary nuptial couple a showcase experience allowing them to not only quickly find the best suppliers in the north west but also to see their work in its natural environment – a styled shoot!


Invitations and my own mood-palette for the Traditional Romantic Wedding shoot

It all starts with a mood board which is shared with the creative team, we all go off and produce something stunning based on the vision and an extremely talented array of photographers and Ro – I don’t actually think she sleeps – style it all and, wow, does it work! Here are some of my favourites BUT, although I do have studio lights and a great phone (seriously – LOL!) these are just my in house pics – to see this work alongside all the other elements please do pop over to the and indulge yourself.
This is the cutting edge of North West wedding styling and if you’d not found it yourself yet – you’re most welcome.

XOXO Dragonfly

PS - update newsflash!!! Ro the Cake Artist aka @rothecakeartist has announced that, unbelievably for something that tastes so flipping gorgeous (using the word in its correct context, at last!)....deep breath...Ro has announced that from now on, all her cakes will  be VEGAN, that's right, you heard it here first. Now, being vegan is a huge commitment requiring a dedicated approach to nutrition and flavour - but c'mon folks, if you can still have cake it's gotta be worth a go?!! ;) xx

Stationery Suite produced for the latest shoot - Two Brides - coming soon on The Wedding Crowd